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We understand that life can be stressful, bring about unexpected obstacles, and leave you feeling trapped. We are here to help encourage and guide you every step of the way. We will walk alongside you throughout your journey.

We at Solution-Based Counseling Services, LLC are focused on improving the lives of every person we see. We believe in the value and independence of our clients and seek to put their well-being above all else through exceptional care, ethical conduct, and professional insight.

Our therapists, clinical director, and all support staff stand by these five principles:

1) Integrity

The honesty, respect, and dedication we give our clients are essential to us. From the first time you call to attending sessions with your therapist, we will be considerate and understanding of your needs, concerns, and well-being.

2) Diversity

We recognize, validate, and appreciate the unique backgrounds, personal characteristics, and cultural practices of every client. We do not discriminate against persons based on their age, religion, ethnicity, national origin, political affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation.

3) Competence

It is our personal responsibility and desire to be the most knowledgeable and capable professionals we can be. Our therapists acknowledge that education is a lifelong endeavor. They choose to learn about new therapeutic practices and current research studies by attending professional conferences and training, and reading relevant literature.

4) Privacy

Our clients’ information is kept completely confidential. Other professionals such as primary care physicians and/or psychiatrists only have access to your information through your written consent. This privacy is not only something we uphold, but is protected by law as well.

5) Service

Having integrity, appreciating diversity, being competent, and protecting the privacy of our clients are all critical elements which will not be compromised. In addition to these principles, our therapists strive to help their clients achieve their goals. By building on your strengths and empathizing with your feelings, our therapists work with you to help find new ways to experience growth, peace, and joy.

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